A Culture of Innovation

The USC Center for Body Computing

At the University of Southern California Center for Body Computing (CBC) we believe that technology solutions are not the problem or the drivers of our terrific and ever rising health care costs, they are the solutions, and they represent the very best achievements in modern society.  The need for these digital health products, when their capability is fully realized, will transcend policy and politics.

The CBC is an independent health innovation center.  Headquartered at the USC Keck School of Medicine, the CBC is an interdisciplinary brain trust that works with other USC Schools, including the Marshall School of Business, the Viterbi School of Engineering, the School of Cinematic Arts, USC Athletics, and other innovators to study, accelerate, and create digital health solutions.  The CBC creatively synthesizes business, engineering, entertainment arts and medicine into new paradigms that will innovatively enhance the quality of life, especially for the 2 billion people worldwide who lack access to healthcare.

We have been working in wireless health since 2005.  We have published some of the most important research in this field, and helped develop some of the most interesting products. Our Body Computing Conference is the annual get-together for the most dyanamic minds and influential people in wireless health.  Our members are some of the leading innovators in this field. 

Wireless health is the one solution that puts the patient at the center of the health care discussion, and it is the one health care delivery model that scales. Digital health can extend the reach of our most talented physicians, preserve innovation and advance technology development.

Your health is your life narrative. 

We bring together "techies" (engineers, technologists, physicians) with "creatives" (designers, artists, Academy Award winners) to think about and create useful, innovative, scaleable, and often fun, solutions to help solve problems, and save lives. 

The CBC specializes in creating innovative solutions for chronic disease management, sports monitoring, mHealth, and gaming and entertainment.

The key to the CBC’s success is a culture of innovation.    

We come to work everyday hoping that our work can help people be healthier.

We work with people at USC.  We work with large companies and people who are literally developing product in garages. We are always looking for ideas that will make life better.  That’s our basic goal.   

At the University of Southern California we talk a lot about the Fight On spirit.  It’s not just a football slogan.  It’s something we think about everyday when we walk through the hospital corridors at the Keck School of Medicine and we see patients, fighting to live.

That’s what it really means to Fight On.

And that’s why the USC Center for Body Computing is here.  To make the world a better place by creating health solutions that can help millions. 

Fight On.


Leslie Saxon, MD

Executive Director/Founder

The USC Center for Body Computing